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Beyond Speech Therapy Group is the leading developer of the interactive Internet based speech therapy programs. Our talented team is composed of the brightest speech language pathologists, cutting edge graphic designers, programmers, and visionaries that clearly see where the future of speech therapy is heading. Our goal is to push beyond the boundaries of current technology and equip our partners with the most advanced tools to enhance speech therapy.

We are committed to providing innovative technology, which gives children the tools for success, equips the healthcare community to enhance the delivery and quality of speech therapy, and revolutionizes accent reduction training.

We provide our customers with the most up to date online treatment and education information that enables individuals to reach their goals through an intensive online program. Our programs connect speech language pathologists, individuals, parents, caregivers, and managers to a web portal where customized programs are created, personalized programs are accessed, up to date educational material is read, and progress is monitored remotely. Our research based technology, is accessible anywhere and anytime.

We believe our cost efficient programs make a positive impact in the lives of: children having speech, reading, or language difficulties; adults suffering from a stroke or head injury; and individuals wanting to enhance their career by reducing their accents. The Beyond Speech Therapy Group looks forward to serving you.
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